George Newton

:: 4/20/2021: Kevin Freeth, Picton , New Zealand
I used to compete as a junior weightlifter as a 19 to 20 year old. I saw George compete as a featherweight or 63 kg .He snatched 112 kg and clean n jerked 135kg. AMAZING speed in the snatch. He was 42 at the time. A good man. I liked him a lot.

:: 2/12/2018: damien newton, christchurch hornby, new zealand
best grandad out there honestly

:: 1/24/2015: Thomas Wright, Invercargill , New Zealand
Recently had the privelage of spending some time with George. He is an absolute inspritation and top man!

:: 11/19/2014: Tim Beaumont, Roxby Downs SA, Australia
I first met George during my electrical apprenticeship when he joined us at the Lyttelton Borough Council Elect dept sometime around late 1978/79.(NZL) George certainly brought some life into the work place (which was sorely needed) and it soon became clear he was a crack card player when it came to 500. George from memory lived around in Corsair bay for a while. one morning he came to work blurry eyed and suffering from swamp water fever. he told us that a party had woken him up at some ungodly hour of the morning. On investigation he found some of the West Indian cricket team (which was touring NZ at the time),down at the beach having a whale of time, so George was in his element having a few beers with some of the boys from home. I think this was in Feb of 1979. George also live on Cressy tce over looking Lyttelton harbour. One day during working hours we ended up at George's place, where he showed me his prized medals from the games and other items of interest, very impressive, a real eye opener. We had a good time working together and I will never forget some of the antics we got up to. The last I heard of George he was working as a sparky for a lift company in CHCH and that's the last I heard of him, hope he and the family are well and everything worked out ok for him.

:: 8/13/2014: Tyrese newton, christchurch linwood, new zealand
that guy is my actual grandad

:: 6/17/2013: patrick atteridge, london none, england
i knew george back in the 1970's at the bethnal green w/l club,and one of the great weightlifters of his time his speed in the split snatch was out of this world,and what a great guy to be around we had many drinks together

:: 1/6/2012: Ernie parkes, Canvey Island Essex, United Kingdom
George was the greatest

:: 1/6/2012: Ernie Parkes, Canvey Island Essex, United Kingdom
I knew George through the late 1960's and through the 1970's. We trained together, drank together and he was always the best of company. Betnal Grenn weightlifting Club has produced many great champions over many years but none greater than George.

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