Paul Trappen

:: 5/19/2016: Mary Lou Vessells-Trappen, Gray Summit MO, USA
In loving memory of my uncle Paul Trappen Who made the 'Trappen' name famous! Never forgotten, always in our hearts! They don't make men like you anymore! Miss my Pappa and you Uncle Paul!

:: 5/26/2015: Mary Lou Vessells-Trappen, Gray Dummit Mo, USA
05-26-2015 Mary Lou Vessells Gray Summit Mo USA This article brought back Memories about my uncle Paul with whom I last parted from Trier in 1956. I used to Brag about uncle Paul in front of my friends whn w visited his restaurant The Rippchen Haus in Trier. He always treated us to some free brats and I grew an inch from Pride. Just had to share my pleasant memories about my uncle the Hero.

:: 3/17/2012: Dan, Windsor Ont, Canada
I have a couple of photographs of Paul Trappen which were from my grandfather. Paul Trappen was my grandfather's idol. He was a customer at my greatgrandfather's butcher shop in Germany. I was just looking at photographs today and then googled his name and one of the photos is a copy of a photo I have.

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